About the Journal


Canadian Social Studies is an indexed, refereed, open-access journal published online at the University of Alberta. Contributions to the journal relate to educational encounters (broadly defined) in the context of K-16 social studies.


K-16 educators of curriculum, social studies, geography, history, social sciences


Canadian Social Studies publishes one volume per calendar year, usually with two issues per year, but this depends on the number of publishable submissions. CSS publishes special issues, multi-article issues, as well as issues containing single articles. While we see advantages provided by multiple article issues, we do not, however, control the flow of work ready for publication. In the interest of the authors who choose Canadian Studies Studies as a home for their scholarship, we will publish single article issues as we determine necessary.


Research articles are internally reviewed before sending out for double-blind review to relevant board members and or members of the profession with expertise. Next, the editors examine reviews and offer decisions and ways forward, either to improve the piece for other submissions or towards eventual publication through re-review with original reviewers and editors.

Those selected to peer review submitted manuscripts must subscribe to the guidelines and practices as established by the Committee on Publication Ethics.

Book reviewers are selected upon consultation amongst editors and published when editorial feedback has been integrated.

Canadian Social Studies provides immediate open access to all its content. There are no author fees (e.g., no submission fees, no article processing charges, etc.).


This journal is archived with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) Preservation Network and Scholars Portal Journals. These programs offer a decentralized and distributed preservation, perpetual access, and preservation of the authentic original version of the content.